A quick and easy way to for your audience to make gift transactions in response to your next non-digital promotion

Text-to-give is a quick and convenient way for your audience to make donations on their mobile phones with SMS, a service provided to charities by the Mobile Giving Foundation of Canada. As an approved application service provider (ASP), Stratcom can help you integrate this service into your wider fundraising plans. Text-to-give has the advantage of one send creates a donation paid from the sender’s telephone bill. But further contact can be limited. For many applications a two-step process where the respondent goes to a Stratcom designed landing page can have more long term value. Speak to us about which is best for your use-case.

Best used with non-digital public promotion, Text-to-Give works by asking your audience to send a text message (SMS) with a keyword to a five-digit number (for example, 20222). This allows the cell provider to take a payment from the donor’s cell phone account and remit it to a charity.

Text-to-give is quick and easy to use. It takes less than a minute and given the widespread usage of cell phones, extremely accessible for your audience. Due to the ubiquity of cell phones, almost anyone who hears your appeal will be able to respond quickly and easily. Your audience does not need to reach for their credit cards or fill out a lengthy donation form. All that is needed is one text with the keyword to complete the transaction, making it convenient and likely to improve audience response.

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Stratcom's approach

Step 1

Determine your audience

Create or segment a list of supporters you’d like to engage for your text campaign. No list? Rent our MobileReach list or ask us about online lead generation.

Step 2

Develop your message & keyword

We can work with you to craft a text script that is succinct, to the point, engaging, and complies with all relevant regulations. Select a keyword relevant to your organization or campaign that donors will use to text.

Step 3

Launch the campaign

After all campaign details have been confirmed, we will set up and launch the campaign.

Step 4

Manage follow-up conversations

As your donors text in the keyword, they will be prompted to make a monetary donation that will be automatically credited from their next mobile carrier bill.

in Action

in Action

  • Health charities
  • Promotional campaigns: Promote text-to-give at your next convention, conference or on display ads.
  • Charities: Promote the shortcode on your telethon or radio-thon for quick and easy donations.
  • Nonprofit organizations: Mobilize supporters to donate for your latest advocacy campaigns.