Telephone Fundraising

A personal conversation by phone is one of the most effective ways to build higher, long term, stable revenue for your organization, through building a monthly donor file, converting digital leads to donors, and engaging and steward your supporters.

Stratcom has a proven-25+ year track record of executing successful telefundraising campaigns for many of Canada’s most prominent charities and non-profits. Our strategy is built around optimizing performance in three core areas: data, messaging and caller training. Our PCI-Compliant dialing infrastructure –even for home based calling — provides daily and cumulative reports to our clients, which allows them to closely monitor overall performance and by-segment performance. These reports, also provide our experienced team of account managers with information they’ll use to recommend optimization adjustments.

Stratcom’s callers are the heart of our operation. They are experienced, knowledgeable and professional. We recruit callers who have a passion for philanthropic causes. Their passion and sincerity will be recognized by your donors and this drives our industry-leading fundraising results. Our staff know how to conduct sensitive conversations and make a compelling ask. They are experts in building rapport with donors. These key skills are reinforced and strengthened through consistent and systematic coaching, training, and QA. Our internal teams of trainers, coaches, performance managers, and senior fundraising strategists also use a wide-range of real-time reports to constantly adjust and optimize data and training strategies which leads to ongoing results improvements on active tele-fundraising campaigns.

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Stratcom's approach

Step 1

Strategy and Integration

Step 2

List segmentation

Step 3

Script development

Step 4

Caller briefing, training & ongoing coaching

Step 5

Live calling

Step 6

Details review, analysis & recommendations for the future

Our telefundraising services

Monthly Conversion

Converting OTG donors to monthly by phone has proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways for organizations to acquire new monthly donors. Phone acquired monthly donors also have very low attrition compared to other channels.

Monthly Reactivation

Monthly donations lapse for a variety of reasons ranging from credit cards expiring to the donors’ financial situation changing. In either case, phoning these lapsed monthly donors to ask them to reactivate their support is exceptionally lucrative.

Monthly Upgrade

An annual dial-through of your active monthly file will typically see 20-30% of these donors increasing the amount of their monthly support, which equates to massive ROI and long-term revenue.

Monthly Acquisition

Generating digital leads on social media platforms like Facebook and then converting them to monthly donors by phone is the acquisition channel of the future, and present!

One time gifts dropdowns

All of the monthly-donation focused programs we execute for our clients have a drop-down ask for a one-time-gift when the donor can’t or won’t commit to monthly giving. This one-time-gift revenue helps to reduce your cost-to-acquire and months-to-break-even.

One-time-gift focused programs

We execute many successful OTG-focused Year-End, Emergency/Special, and lapsed OTG appeals by phone every year and they are an important part of the annual phone schedule for many charities.

in Action

in Action

  • Health charities and Hospital Foundations
  • International Relief and Development Charities
  • Political parties and candidates
  • Animal Welfare Charities
  • Advocacy Organizations
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Professional associations
  • Governments

Stratcom has been a valued partner to BC Children’s since 2004. Stratcom telephone campaigns play a key role in supporting our objective of building our monthly donor file. Over the time we’ve worked with them, Stratcom’s team has always provided an excellent and professional service. In addition, Stratcom’s fundraising consultants have provided us with valuable strategic suggestions on how to conduct telephone programs.

Jas Jhooty
Associate Director, Annual Giving Programs

BC Children's Hospital Foundation