Online Lead Generation

Recruit and engage with new donors and activists

Online Lead Generation is a powerful way to identify and target likely supporters using the power of social media. Generate thousands of leads (including name, mobile number and email) from a lead generation program using Facebook and other social media ads.

Acquiring new donor prospects is essential to the growth of any fundraising or engagement program. Online lead generation combined with a telephone, email and text follow-up is highly effective at converting social media leads into monthly donors, as well building your email fundraising program, and engagement activities.

If you are looking to list-build, expand your community of supporters or just get out your message, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google have powerful targeting tools that enable you to reach your targeted audience. Stratcom can help you use this approach to reach new supporters and engage them in calls-to-actions such as petitions, social action pledges or awareness campaigns.

Stratcom can help run your entire lead gen campaign from strategy and creative to donor conversion. If you generate leads yourself, Stratcom can run the conversion programs to best convert your acquired leads into donors.

Stratcom has pioneered online lead gen and conversion work and has a proven effective approach, now being used by clients in Canada, the U.S. and the UK.

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Stratcom's approach

Step 1

Developing your best performing message

Stratcom works with you to adapt and test several variants of your message to find the one that best performs and best resonates with new supporters.

Step 2

Targeting to like-minded audiences

We test to find your most likely supporters, which can be by geography, interest or demographic. We also suggest targeting to find similar audience profiles via ‘Lookalike audiences’ to your current supporters.

Step 3

Tying in engagement devices

Once we have grabbed the interest of a social media user, we need a way to channel their action. This engagement device could be a petition, a video, survey or giving them something of value like a tote bag or badge.

Step 4

Capturing data to establish long-term relationships

Establish long-term relationships with new supporters to build your list that includes contact information such as name, phone and email, feeding supporters further along their stewardship journey.

Online Lead generation
in Action

Online Lead generation
in Action

  • Charity
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Political parties: Find new audiences to mobilize public support