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Trevor McKenzie-Smith

Vice President, Research & Engagement


A veteran of dozens of campaigns at national, provincial and local levels, Trevor brings our political and advocacy clients a wealth of experience in campaign management and strategy, polling, data targeting and voter contact tools. Trevor originally joined Stratcom as a Senior Associate in mid-2013 and comes with vast Stratcom experience and relationships with many of our current and past clients and long-standing experience in political and union work, as well as in the nonprofit advocacy sector, where he works with a South American organization that is pressing for the rights of Indigenous people in the Amazon and better business practises from Canadian companies wanting to do business there.

Trevor has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Studies from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master’s degree in Electoral Geography from the University of Toronto, specializing in demographics and spatial analysis, geographic information systems (GIS), and various forms of data analysis. He is also a Broadbent Institute Leadership Fellow.

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