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On this page, you'll be able to download more information about how our services and tools can help you maximize outreach, engagement and supporter participation.

Strategic Communications Inc. (Stratcom) is an award-winning international consultancy firm based in Canada and the UK. Experienced as both campaign strategists and practitioners, Stratcom implements multichannel techniques and tools to help organizations and advocacy campaigns become more effective.

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Stratcom's multi-channel techniques and tools provide a comprehensive approach to maximize outreach, engagement and supporter action.

Does your message resonate with others? Don’t just guess. Get answers with Stratcom research. We are experts at designing and managing complex, multi-modal, and time-limited projects.

Stratcom’s unique ability to integrate a variety of communication channels for distributing surveys makes it easy to gather responses from hard-to-reach and less engaged members.

Telephone Town Halls (TTHs) allow you to connect with thousands of participants and meet them where they are, in real-time, and all from the comfort of your office, or ours.

Broadcast Voice Message is a pre-recorded message by your organization that can be delivered to thousands of your supporters instantaneously.

Text messaging is a key tool for engagement activity from signing petitions, to donating money, to Getting Out The Vote. Reach audiences quickly and effectively.

Rent Stratcom’s Short code to get direct responses & engagement from your audience through text.